Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday! 

I am so ready for the weekend.  Ready for some time with J, and for us to get some much needed work done.

We had a list of honey-do's this weekend.  First we need to go to the dump and finish cleaning out the trailer so we can hopefully sell it, which would be AMAZ-ZA-ZING.  We also are hoping to put the trim in this weekend, but it would depend on if the rain lets up long enough for us to get the wood back home.  

OH! I just remembered something that I'm excited about doing.  When we were younger we used to go over to Central Point and go to the auction and I loved it.  Absolutly loved it. But then it got closed and then all of a sudden there wasnt an auction for hundreds of miles, the closest one is Eugene, or middle california, so someone in CJ decided to start one.  And the first aution is this saturday, and I am super excited to go.  :)

But other then that stuff, we have been laying low, and just enjoying the quietness before this summer gets crazy.  

And I think today feels like an Army Wives marathon type of day :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Life is hectic.

I just want the next four months to fly by so we can have the wedding, enjoy everyone and then fly to Alaska, so we can get a break from all the craziness in Oregon. 
I need a vacation. 

We've been looking at houses, but nothing is right, nothing is what we want.  We don't want to buy a home in town, we want a few acres, and 3 bedrooms, is that too much to ask?  Seems to be so, we can't find anything in the right location that has the few things that we want.  But maybe there is a reason that we can't find the right now, maybe its not the right time for us.  We have so much going on in our lives right now, that maybe adding buying a home on top is too much.  Maybe we're spreading our finances too thin. 

This weekend we went out to CJ to start working on detailing the 5th wheel trailer that we own.  We have a friend that is interested in buying it from us, so we wanted to get out there and take all the remaining stuff that we left in there out, and start cleaning it up, since we havent lived in it in over a year.  Man there was more in there then we thought!  We filled up bag after bag of burn items, and things that need to go to the dump, like funky blankets that are just old or pillows that are feather pillows that we hate.  Also there was so much canned food still in there, that we need to take out.  But all in all the trailer is in great shape.  Its only a 25' Wildcat, but for how much J spent on it, I think its still in great condition.  We need to change the filter and clean it out and after that, lets hope that we can sell that puppy!  That would be so nice to get rid of, and get out of our monthly bills.  That would open up a whole new section of homes that we could afford.  Once we get the trailer gone, then we can pay off the ring, and once those are gone, thats an extra 400 bucks a month that we can use for other things, such as buy a house, or when we want, have kids.  It would be such a relief having that gone.  So help pray for us that this works!

Oh I got so frustrated this morning, I am working at evergreen, and there is a little girl, who I want to shake sometimes because it feels like she just isnt paying any attention.  I almost wonder if her parents work with her at all.  There are kids in the 1st grade who cant write their name, or dont know the alphabet sounds, HOW?  Why arnt these parents working with their kids?  And I dont want to hear the excuse that there isnt time, there always is time.  Someone is with your kid at all times, they need to be working with them, giving them the edge so when they come to scool they can learn the next set of things, instead of spending all their time learning the building blocks.  It was all I had to just breath it out, and let it go.  I want these kids to do well, I want them to succeed, but its hard when we're the only ones rooting for them.

Do you ever have those nights where it doesnt feel like the pillow your sleeping on isnt yours?  I have been having those issues lately, and nothing seems right.  I have tried so many combinations, and we have quite a few pillows in the house, and something is wrong.  I need to figure it out because its reeking havoc on my neck and head.  I have had so much neck pain lately its nausiating.  My head and neck get to hurting so much that it almost gives me a migraine.  SUCKS.  At first I thought it was my blood pressure was going up, but its still ow and i've been taking my meds, and lots of vitamins lately.  So i've deduced that its got to be the pillow.  I hope that I can get it figured out so  I can get a good nights sleep again, and not wake up with neck pain.  Because between me and you, I'm over it.

OH! I cannot wait for us to get back from Alaska, we're going to start looking for a dog, and we've chosen a  German Shorthaired Pointer.  They are soooo cute!!
Look at that little face. sooo sweet   =)

They are soooo CUTE!  I cannot wait! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its been a while since I have posted on here, seems like life jsut catches up with you some times and you get caught in a whirlwind and before you know it, its weeks and months later.

Lately it seems like its thing after thing that has been going on, or happening.  We have recently installed new hard wood floors into the house that we are living in now, and lets just say that they are amazing.  It was so easy and we got it done in probably 4 hours. Which is quick compared to the older kind that you used to have to hammer and bang around to get to fit, and then if it isnt right you were almost guarenteed to ruin that board.  But the kind that we got is called a 'drop and lock' style so it requires no hammer and no real knowledge of floors.  Just drop and lock it into place, and if its not right, you can just pick it back up.  One of the nice things about these type of floors is that if someday one of the boards gets scratched or dented, its easy to fix, you just work your way to that piece and then change it out for one that isnt messed up and you can use all the same pieces to put it back together.  How sweet is that?? 

Since massage hasnt been a very booming business, I have started subbing at the elementary school here, and so far I love it!  I have been getting lots of work, and have been working in lots of different classrooms and settings and doing so many different things, its nice to finally learn something new, and see progress!  Its nice to get to know all the kids and to be a key part of their education, because these kids spend so much time with the EA's ( educational assistants)  almost more time then with the teachers!  We get lots of one on one time with them, and get to see some real progress in their reading or math or even writing.  These past 3 months have been a great experience for me, and hopefully in the future something will open up and perhaps I can get on here full time, instead of being called at 5'30 in the morning to see if I want to work.  And dont get me wrong I have still been massaging, I still have my room down at the shop but to make ends meet and to make it so we aren't scraping by every month, I needed to get some kind of income!  Living off the one was do able but difficult, we never had any money to go do things, and with the wedding coming up, it makes it even more difficult. 

We are still trying to save for the honeymoon, which is almost all paid for, thanks to yours truely! :) 12 days in Alaskan paradise is looking good for us so far!  And any other money that I can scrape together or that we get on the wedding itself, will go towards fishing charters, and other fun things that we want to do.  We still need to save up some money for gas and food, but those things will pan out eventually.  I am so thankful that we are able to go on our honeymoon, I know so many people that get married and can't afford it right then, so they postpone it and then it never happens. Sucks.  But i made a promise to myself that we ARE going on our honeymoon.  No matter what.  : ) and its happening!

So what else is new? 
Well we are still looking for a house to buy but things are just so complicated, and difficult right now with Jerrod's credit and me not having any.  Haha we have the downpayment for a house but we just dont have the credit to get a loan.  The parents were going to help but we're not sure if that is going to happen either, since it might change their tax bracket.  Who knows, maybe we dont for a while, and we just rent the house we're in.  We dont really need a house of our own yet, but we sure would like one.  :)  Because once we have kids we are going to need a different set up.

OH!  I cannot wait for us to be back from our honeymoon, because that means we are going to start saving and looking for a puppy! :)  We have decided on a German Shorthaired Pointer.  If you dont know what they look like they are the CUTEST things ever.  I love them.  We wanted a chocolate lab, and these are pretty much one but with spots. I cannot wait.  They are so cute and soooo smart!

Well I think that is all for now.  I'll try to write more often.