Monday, June 28, 2010

So this weekend was great, nice and relaxing and very productive.
We took pictures for our Save The Dates on saturday out at the parents house.  :)
 This is my favorite one, and may be the winner. :)

But I really like this one too. :) I think its super cute, and both of these
show the people we really are. :)


xoxo f&a

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making a house a home ♥

Whew! What a busy day I have ahead of me. 
Lots of house cleaning to get done before the weekend. 

To Do:
Clean bathroom
                 -Wash rugs/floor/shower/toilet
Clean Kitchen
                 - Mop floors/wipe down counters
Living Room
                 -Vaccum carpet/fix couch cover


I hate when I let the weekend fun take hold of my household chores.  Like when we decide to go hangout instead of putting a load of laundry in or we let our drunken adventures mess our house up. And granted my house isnt that bad compared to other peoples, but it drives me crazy when its gross, I want it to be spotless all the time because I get embarressed when people come over and our house isnt in tip-top shape. I know most girls out there can feel me on that one. 

Oh FYI I hate carpet.  I hate that we have a house that we are renting with carpet, it grosses me out beyond belief.  who knows what other people have done on this carpet, and I have shampooed it, lots of times believe me, but still I cant get it out of my mind that other people have done nasty shit on our carpet.  UGH I wish sout landlord would just rip this shit out and see if there is wood underneath, our home was built in the late 30's so I have a hard time thinking that there isnt some form of wood floors underneath.  Even if there isnt The wood laminate floor lasts longer then carpet and it looks so much better. But our landlord doesnt give a shit about this place, so i doubt anything will ever happen.  We have done more to this place then anyone has done in years.  The lady that kived here before us treated this house like crap, never took care of the property or anything. 

Okay, enough with my house rant. 

Now off to tackle this list of chores....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Whew. This weekend was full to the brim with action. 
Went to CJ on Friday after my DR appt for the rehearsal and dinner, and the craziness started there.  People were late which caused the rehearsal to start late, so people were getting testy because they were hungry. Then we do the damn thing, make it perfect, and all head back to CJ for the dinner at Carlos'.  They did a buffet style dinner, and at the time the colorado beef or whatever it was was delicious, but it definatly caught up to everyone by that night.  Always seems like Carlos' has a way of tasting great but seems to revist you later. Hahaha. 
But after dinner the girls went back to the ranch and had a girls night, nad somehow stayed up till likie 3:30, and then we were all wide awake at 5!  Crazy I know.  But I guess we were just excited about the wedding. All morning we kept saying, oh we have hours! no need to rush! Then all of a sudden it was 2 and pictures were at 4, and it was like a mad house!  Then the drama started.  One of the groomsmen got mad and left the wedding, which makes me lose all respect for him. How rude is that, its one of your buddies weddings and you can't keep your craziness down to a minimum for a few hours. Fucking stupid.  Then one of the bridesmaids was going to leave to go home to the groomsmen, EVEN more lame.  She ended up staying for the ceremony, but left right after, which was even more rude I think. She stayed to save face, but once the coast was clear she left.  More or less you can tell that I was highly irritated.  Meghan is one of my best friends so I was determined to make sure her wedding was a great time, so we stayed and drank and danced the night away. 

About 10:45 we decided it was time for us to head home, so we wished them the greatest and left the ranch. 
SOMEHOW I convinced my mom to go to the gutter with me and vanessa ( granted she was our DD hahaha)  But we went and it was one of those nights when the bar is filled with people you know, and it was great. Jerrod, Andy, Brandon and Zach were there, I guess the bachelor party was lame, and then Trevor, Lex, Zach, and many more were there as well.  So me and mom danced and hung out, then Jerrod wanted me to go home with him, so mom went home, and we stayed and partied it up. We left around 2 and headed back to Zach's house and stayed up for a few hours talking and shooting the shit.  Then after laying in bed talking for what seemed like forever, we saw headlights, so jerrod got dressed and went to investigate.  a few hours later he came back, after going to the river, finding the bachelor party guys down there and watching them get in wrestling matches on the gravel, Hahah all those fuckers had knots on the head and blood on their shirts.  Jerrod being the nice guy gave Levi a ride up to the Hwy after Jimmy and him got in a fight, because both are smartasses. Haha. 
But all in all, this weekend was grand, a nice way to preclude to my week of studying. UGH!
I'll be back once I find out on thursday if I pass my test. :)  WooHOoooo


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Veggies galore!

This past week has been sooo busy it seems. When I went to bed on Sunday evening, I remember thinking, whew I have a semi relaxing week ahead of me, and then its to the grind stone for studying before my test.  But then it seems like one thing after another has just been piling up and seems I can't get ahead.  Sure they are simple things that have been happening, but it just seems to consume my whole day.  Simple things like taking dillon to the store takes hours because he only goes once a week. Dont get me wrong I would take him to the store any time any day, but sometimes it seems like we're at freddys or walmart FOREVER! Haha
I planned on cleaning the house deeply this week, like scrubbing the floors and carpet, but it seems like i've only had time to do a few things each day, not how I like to clean. I like to dedicate a whole day or however long it takes to the house, and get it all done at once, because then when your done, its like, wow, my house is clean and smells nice and I want to relax.  When you only clean a few things each day it seems like the house never gets as clean as it is when you do it all at once, and it doesnt smell like the wonderful febreeze floor cleaner I just got. :)  I cleaned the kitchen, just need to do the floors, and the living room just needs to be vaccumed and the bedroom as well. I tackled the laundry but the nightstands and the dresser need to be straightened up and the bathroom, whoa that needs to be cleaned.  I need to wash the rugs in the bathroom and mop the floor and shower. 
Too much to do it seems.

Oh well what can you do. 

♥ But anyways, our garden has been growing and getting tall and some of them even have flowers on them!  This place is finally starting to feel like a home.  Definatly not the shrimp/chicken ramen house we moved into.  Its definatly come along way.  The yard hadnt been mowed in a few years, and she didnt care about the flower beds or any of the trees or shrubs.  She definatly didnt know what she was missing! There are some beautiful trees on this property that with a little grooming have some amazing potential! :) 
 Now some pictures of the stuff growing around here. :)

My little strawberries right after we planted them in March

Now we have some berries almost ready to eat

and ALOT of berries to come!!!

Hahah, I had to highlight the bloom! There are thousands more and I bet in a few days it will be covered.  Its technical name is Magnolia grandiflora, or giant magnolia Haha

Some baking cherries on the side of the house, I'm curious if they will be good enough to just eat!

We seriously have a fig tree in our back yard.
Anyone like them?
Maybe I can create homemade fig newtons!

My herb garden, with peppermint, thyme, margoram, sage, rosemary, oregano, garlic, and onion! :)

Beautiful dinner plate dahlias :)
Can't wait for them to bloom

My handsome man getting the garden ready. ♥

My baby tomatoes and other plants before they got planted.

Hims getting so big! ( he's one of 19 tomato children )

All our peppers, 8 anahiem and 8 jalapeno

Jerrod's cucumber! He has grown soo much in the past few days.

Hope ya'll like our veggies, I'll update you on their lives. xoxoxo

Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome to the real world

For the pasts 17 years of my life, I have been in and out of school. Working summers but I always knew that when august rolled around the job was ending and that school was back.  I never had to keep a job for more the 3 months at a time, or I only had to tolerate it for 3-4 months. But now, I ahve to get licensed and go out into the R.W. [realworld :)] and get a job that I need to keep for a long time. Its crazy to think that I'm done. It hasnt completly sunk in yet, and I think it wont untill I am an L.M.T. looking for work. 
It doesnt feel like about 4 years ago, I was shaking at home as I opened up my acceptance letter from U of O, and was positive that was where I was going to be forever.  Its amazing where people end up from where they started.
As the week counts down to megs wedding, I started thinking about where we were all at a few years ago. Tara was positive she was going to marry damon, and now she has a adorable baby with Nik.  Meghan and  Brad were still doing the same thing they are now, yet meg has realized that babies are on her near horizon.  Alexis was dating a douche bag, and was at U of O, and now is at SOU dating a very cute boy, and speding her summer in Alaska.And Victoria was at U of O and had her share of bad boyfriends and now is happily married to Matt living in NC but soon in Washington, chasing her dreams. 
I have to say that where we are now is a lot better then where we thought we wanted to be 3/4 years ago.  I would never think that I would be where I am right now, if you would have asked me that 3 years ago.  But I couldnt imagine being anywhere else now. 
With 13 months till we get married, I am trying to contain my excitement. I want to go out and plan everything right now! But we have some things already set in stone, we have the tables and chairs, enough for 300-350 I think.  We have the DJ and the Dance floor.  I found dresses I love, I just need to try them on.  We have ideas for food and drinks.  We know who are parties are and have a idea what we want them to wear.  We have a location, and know what the flowers will be.  We have a photographer, yet we need to figure out the invites.  Lots planned but lots to go. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Early morning........

Sitting here finshing up my homework for the term, recovering from this last weekend, gives me time to think about whats next.  As of tuesday I am officially done at RCC, ( well untill I need to do some CE)  and then I am on my way to becoming a LMT. Scary almost. Although its something that I want to do, it seems like such a scary thing to become. I will be a professional.  I will be done with school and actually in the real world.  Sure I've worked and had jobs,  but school was always just a few months away, but now what? 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wow. Its been a few days since I've posted.

Lots of things going on right now, trying to finish up school, and get all my hours correct, and make sure I have the right credits and paperwork. Then I need to find a part-timer so I can make a few bucks untill I get licensed so then I can charge for massages. :)  Woohoo! I cannot believe that in 21 days I take my written test, and then onJuly 6th I can pick up and mail my paperwork so I can go get registered for the practical exam. AH! scary scary thoughts.  I am almost terrified about taking these tests..I dont feel prepared at all.
And I need to get certified in first aid and cpr before all this happens. Geeze. So much going on.

We had a great weekend, lots of time spent with friends and with beer. Haha. Spent Monday on the river, crashed a few parties, and had a great time with Jerrod and some of our friends. :)

This weekend will be a great one as well. Jerrod leaves for halibut fishing on Friday morning, and then that night me and ashley G are going to go take some pictures up in the rich area of town. :)  Havent drug my camera out in a while, and it feels good to hold it again. :)  Then on Saturday is Meghans Bachelorette party, and still not sure on whats my plans with that. I am pretty broke, so I am not sure if I'm going to be able to drink, but I will go to dinner and then see how the night fares  :) 

Life has been good lately.  I love waking up and knowing that life is on a slow incline up.  I still can't believe that meg is getting married, I know that its meant to be.  It just amazes me still that we are at this point in our lives. Tara is married and has the most adorable baby boy, Meg is geting married in about 3 weeks, and then will be starting her family soon after.  And then there is me, getting married in a little over a year, still mind blowing. :) But I couldnt imagine it any other way. :)

Stay tuned.. ♥