Monday, March 14, 2011

Life is hectic.

I just want the next four months to fly by so we can have the wedding, enjoy everyone and then fly to Alaska, so we can get a break from all the craziness in Oregon. 
I need a vacation. 

We've been looking at houses, but nothing is right, nothing is what we want.  We don't want to buy a home in town, we want a few acres, and 3 bedrooms, is that too much to ask?  Seems to be so, we can't find anything in the right location that has the few things that we want.  But maybe there is a reason that we can't find the right now, maybe its not the right time for us.  We have so much going on in our lives right now, that maybe adding buying a home on top is too much.  Maybe we're spreading our finances too thin. 

This weekend we went out to CJ to start working on detailing the 5th wheel trailer that we own.  We have a friend that is interested in buying it from us, so we wanted to get out there and take all the remaining stuff that we left in there out, and start cleaning it up, since we havent lived in it in over a year.  Man there was more in there then we thought!  We filled up bag after bag of burn items, and things that need to go to the dump, like funky blankets that are just old or pillows that are feather pillows that we hate.  Also there was so much canned food still in there, that we need to take out.  But all in all the trailer is in great shape.  Its only a 25' Wildcat, but for how much J spent on it, I think its still in great condition.  We need to change the filter and clean it out and after that, lets hope that we can sell that puppy!  That would be so nice to get rid of, and get out of our monthly bills.  That would open up a whole new section of homes that we could afford.  Once we get the trailer gone, then we can pay off the ring, and once those are gone, thats an extra 400 bucks a month that we can use for other things, such as buy a house, or when we want, have kids.  It would be such a relief having that gone.  So help pray for us that this works!

Oh I got so frustrated this morning, I am working at evergreen, and there is a little girl, who I want to shake sometimes because it feels like she just isnt paying any attention.  I almost wonder if her parents work with her at all.  There are kids in the 1st grade who cant write their name, or dont know the alphabet sounds, HOW?  Why arnt these parents working with their kids?  And I dont want to hear the excuse that there isnt time, there always is time.  Someone is with your kid at all times, they need to be working with them, giving them the edge so when they come to scool they can learn the next set of things, instead of spending all their time learning the building blocks.  It was all I had to just breath it out, and let it go.  I want these kids to do well, I want them to succeed, but its hard when we're the only ones rooting for them.

Do you ever have those nights where it doesnt feel like the pillow your sleeping on isnt yours?  I have been having those issues lately, and nothing seems right.  I have tried so many combinations, and we have quite a few pillows in the house, and something is wrong.  I need to figure it out because its reeking havoc on my neck and head.  I have had so much neck pain lately its nausiating.  My head and neck get to hurting so much that it almost gives me a migraine.  SUCKS.  At first I thought it was my blood pressure was going up, but its still ow and i've been taking my meds, and lots of vitamins lately.  So i've deduced that its got to be the pillow.  I hope that I can get it figured out so  I can get a good nights sleep again, and not wake up with neck pain.  Because between me and you, I'm over it.

OH! I cannot wait for us to get back from Alaska, we're going to start looking for a dog, and we've chosen a  German Shorthaired Pointer.  They are soooo cute!!
Look at that little face. sooo sweet   =)

They are soooo CUTE!  I cannot wait! :)

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