Thursday, September 24, 2015

Canning woes

It started out as a rather productive day.
Laundry washing.
Baby bouncing.
Toddler happily eating 'oadameal'.

Lots on the list of to-dos, such as cleaning the house, and peeling/coring and cutting up about 5 boxes of apples for sauce.

So I start getting the kitchen cleaned and picked up so I can start on the applesauce, and realize I NEED to wash some dishes. So about half way through I went to wash one of my FAVORITE jars, a smoothie jar as I call it. A pint and a half mason jar. I proceed to push the sponge into the jar and the bottom explodes out and I was already in mid swirl and I sliced the top of 4 fingers.


Ryleigh gets me a towel and I realize this is more than the Doc Mcstuffins bandaids can handle. It took 20 min to get the bleeding under control. Yuck.

Thankfully my mom, who is AMAZING,  was able to rush over and help me load everyone up in the car. I am pretty sure if I would have tried to put Luke in his carseat, CPS would have thought he was a crime scene.

3 stitches, some lidocaine, and a few steristrips later, we got home.

9 days without getting it wet.

How is that going to work? 
Good luck! Haha!

Just call me Leonardo. 😉

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