Sunday, April 11, 2010

faith in puzzle pieces

Sometimes I wonder where I would have ended up if certain things would have turned out differently, and even if things would have changed, would I still be where I am because it was my fate?  People always say what if I would have done this differently I wouldnt be in this situation, but who knows that things wouldnt have turned out to be the exact same.  No one can possibly know how things would have turned out if done differently unless they have some magic time machine and have tried every single possible outcome. 

I like to think that no matter what I could have changed, or would have done, I think that I would still be where I am today.  Things happen for a reason, and things turn out a certain way for a reason, everyone has a destiny and its up to you to go after it, and pursue it, or wait around for it to find you. 

No matter where you start out or what kind of pit stops you make along the way you will still end up at the end of the same race you started, you arnt going to end up somewhere different because you hung around at that rest area a little longer then the rest.  Which is why fate exists, if we didnt have fate, where would we be?  Lost with no direction, we wouldnt know where we were supposed to end up, or what we even wanted out of life.  I may not have much faith but I am a firm believer in fate.  I have faith in fate.

I like to wonder about the what ifs in life, often wondering if I had stayed at U of O, would I still have met Jerrod and fallen in love, and found my soulmate, and I always come to the same conclusion.  He is my soulmate, and the other half to my puzzle piece, neither of our lives could be complete until we found eachother, and it may have taken longer then it did had I stayed, but I strongly believe that we would have found eachother eventually.  I think that by moving home, I started to sort out the pieces to finish my life puzzle, and had i stayed, I would have still been in the box with the rest of the 10,000 pieces, instead of on the table, sorted out into piles of similar pieces.  I'm thankful that our pieces were in the same pile, and got placed together. ♥

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  1. I know what you mean I think what if a lot. but i also believe its true everything happens for a reason and no matter what Id be where I am now.