Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend warriors

This past weekend was very busy yet relaxed at the same time.
We went to CJ to do a few things with all intentions of coming home that night, but in reality we got home at 8pm on Sat. Where did the time go?
Sunday was filled with running around, and a bit of yard work. :) We planted 20 raspberries and my bulbs are coming up, and its starting to look like a nice yard, versus the crap hole it was when we moved in.

It amazes me still how much pride I feel when we get something done or planted or fixed up around this old house.  It still needs alot of work, but the front yard is almost done, just flower beds left to plant and weed.  Our backyard still needs alot of TLC.  We need to rake and someday(?) seed the yard, rip out the terrrible rock sculpture thing, and fix our horseshoe pits. :) Then we will be in the BBQ business. 

Pictures soon to come when the sun pokes its head back out. :)

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