Monday, June 6, 2011

Is it seriously June 6th already?

This year has gone by so fast and its only beginning to pick up speed.  In exactly 40 days, we will cross the threshold from dating to married. :)  SUPER excited!  

We have so much going on it seems like we haven't gotten to catch our breaths.  Whew.

Even on weeknights we are obnoxiously busy.  Between full days at work, massage, garden time and trying to keep a handle on this house, where is the time?  

But this weekend will be great!  
This weekend is Jerrod's cousins wedding in Santa Rosa, and we are leaving Friday after I get off work ( even though I'm getting off early, still a long drive)  And we are staying in an AMAZINGLY beautiful hotel, which is where the wedding is located, which will be nice for the night of the wedding.  I am super excited!  I haven't spent much time in California, so this makes me happy to actually get to leisurely drive down the coast and enjoy it all. :)

Well this is all for now, I need to update this more regularly, and post some pictures, eventually :)


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