Tuesday, October 8, 2013

To IUD or not is the question.

According to Google you can remove your IUD by yourself. 


I watched videos and read testimonials about how easy it is and how it's the same as how a Dr. takes it out.  

Makes me wonder if its worth it.  I've been having issues with mine and it lately hasn't seemed worth it and J hates that I have it.  He worries about it and he can't help but be nervous about how it works.  If you read about the IUD they aren't really sure how it prevents pregnancy.  

Sure, we definitely DO NOT want to get pregnant anytime soon we for sure want to wait till next summer.  I think we can be responsible if we need to.  I actually kind of look forward to not having any hormones added to my body.   I was on BC for 4 years before Ry and then breastfed so I haven't been. "Me" in a long time.

Might be nice. :)

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