Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cheese and pickle sandwiches

So here we are, day three of not pumping.  Let me tell you, weaning is way more emotional than they tell you about. 

Today my breasts were more full than they have been in weeks.  How ironic right?  

There were moments that when I was carrying Ry that it felt like they might actually burst.  

I had a few moments of "maybe I should start pumping again, maybe my milk is back" and I would  mention it to J and he would bring me back to reality and make me remember that it's been weeks that we have been trying to pump enough for a meal at a time.  He has been so wonderful through out this process, so supportive and so understanding. Even when I've started crying when pumping or bottle feeding our girl.  

Feeling very blessed this evening. 

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