Sunday, August 25, 2013

This. Is. It.

Sometimes I'm amazed that I am where I am.  There were a few darker moments in my life and some really bright ones.  I honestly wake up almost every morning and think how lucky, grateful, and amazed to have this life.  

I am only 25 and I have already been lucky enough to find my soulmate and to find him at the best time.  I was always worried when I was younger that when I finally found my soulmate that he wouldn't be ready to meet me.  That somehow our paths crossed but not at the right time.

But we did meet at the best moment.  I was in a place to take a chance, and he was in a place to allow himself to be himself.  And I know it sounds cliche but it even had those moments of wow, this is it.  

We were married for two years this year and have been together for over 5 all together.  People used to tell us that marriage is hard and the second year is the hardest.  I don't know what kind of marriage they have but this has been easy and we haven't necessarily been dealt the best cards.  Between being broke, buying a home, getting pregnant and having our sweet girl come 10 weeks early,  and we are stronger than we have ever been.  We have had so many opportunities to break as a couple but we have my bent to then snap back into our strongest bond yet.  

Everyday I am thankful for him and that God had brought him into my life. 

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