Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Veggies galore!

This past week has been sooo busy it seems. When I went to bed on Sunday evening, I remember thinking, whew I have a semi relaxing week ahead of me, and then its to the grind stone for studying before my test.  But then it seems like one thing after another has just been piling up and seems I can't get ahead.  Sure they are simple things that have been happening, but it just seems to consume my whole day.  Simple things like taking dillon to the store takes hours because he only goes once a week. Dont get me wrong I would take him to the store any time any day, but sometimes it seems like we're at freddys or walmart FOREVER! Haha
I planned on cleaning the house deeply this week, like scrubbing the floors and carpet, but it seems like i've only had time to do a few things each day, not how I like to clean. I like to dedicate a whole day or however long it takes to the house, and get it all done at once, because then when your done, its like, wow, my house is clean and smells nice and I want to relax.  When you only clean a few things each day it seems like the house never gets as clean as it is when you do it all at once, and it doesnt smell like the wonderful febreeze floor cleaner I just got. :)  I cleaned the kitchen, just need to do the floors, and the living room just needs to be vaccumed and the bedroom as well. I tackled the laundry but the nightstands and the dresser need to be straightened up and the bathroom, whoa that needs to be cleaned.  I need to wash the rugs in the bathroom and mop the floor and shower. 
Too much to do it seems.

Oh well what can you do. 

♥ But anyways, our garden has been growing and getting tall and some of them even have flowers on them!  This place is finally starting to feel like a home.  Definatly not the shrimp/chicken ramen house we moved into.  Its definatly come along way.  The yard hadnt been mowed in a few years, and she didnt care about the flower beds or any of the trees or shrubs.  She definatly didnt know what she was missing! There are some beautiful trees on this property that with a little grooming have some amazing potential! :) 
 Now some pictures of the stuff growing around here. :)

My little strawberries right after we planted them in March

Now we have some berries almost ready to eat

and ALOT of berries to come!!!

Hahah, I had to highlight the bloom! There are thousands more and I bet in a few days it will be covered.  Its technical name is Magnolia grandiflora, or giant magnolia Haha

Some baking cherries on the side of the house, I'm curious if they will be good enough to just eat!

We seriously have a fig tree in our back yard.
Anyone like them?
Maybe I can create homemade fig newtons!

My herb garden, with peppermint, thyme, margoram, sage, rosemary, oregano, garlic, and onion! :)

Beautiful dinner plate dahlias :)
Can't wait for them to bloom

My handsome man getting the garden ready. ♥

My baby tomatoes and other plants before they got planted.

Hims getting so big! ( he's one of 19 tomato children )

All our peppers, 8 anahiem and 8 jalapeno

Jerrod's cucumber! He has grown soo much in the past few days.

Hope ya'll like our veggies, I'll update you on their lives. xoxoxo

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  1. Good luck on your test!!! :) Wish i could have been there for the wedding :( I need pictures of you beautiful girls ASAP! And i wish i coulda seen the fight between smart asses hahaah those guys are redic. miss n love you! If you need help pimpin out your blog just let me know im kinda a pro now :) :)