Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making a house a home ♥

Whew! What a busy day I have ahead of me. 
Lots of house cleaning to get done before the weekend. 

To Do:
Clean bathroom
                 -Wash rugs/floor/shower/toilet
Clean Kitchen
                 - Mop floors/wipe down counters
Living Room
                 -Vaccum carpet/fix couch cover


I hate when I let the weekend fun take hold of my household chores.  Like when we decide to go hangout instead of putting a load of laundry in or we let our drunken adventures mess our house up. And granted my house isnt that bad compared to other peoples, but it drives me crazy when its gross, I want it to be spotless all the time because I get embarressed when people come over and our house isnt in tip-top shape. I know most girls out there can feel me on that one. 

Oh FYI I hate carpet.  I hate that we have a house that we are renting with carpet, it grosses me out beyond belief.  who knows what other people have done on this carpet, and I have shampooed it, lots of times believe me, but still I cant get it out of my mind that other people have done nasty shit on our carpet.  UGH I wish sout landlord would just rip this shit out and see if there is wood underneath, our home was built in the late 30's so I have a hard time thinking that there isnt some form of wood floors underneath.  Even if there isnt The wood laminate floor lasts longer then carpet and it looks so much better. But our landlord doesnt give a shit about this place, so i doubt anything will ever happen.  We have done more to this place then anyone has done in years.  The lady that kived here before us treated this house like crap, never took care of the property or anything. 

Okay, enough with my house rant. 

Now off to tackle this list of chores....

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