Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Whew. This weekend was full to the brim with action. 
Went to CJ on Friday after my DR appt for the rehearsal and dinner, and the craziness started there.  People were late which caused the rehearsal to start late, so people were getting testy because they were hungry. Then we do the damn thing, make it perfect, and all head back to CJ for the dinner at Carlos'.  They did a buffet style dinner, and at the time the colorado beef or whatever it was was delicious, but it definatly caught up to everyone by that night.  Always seems like Carlos' has a way of tasting great but seems to revist you later. Hahaha. 
But after dinner the girls went back to the ranch and had a girls night, nad somehow stayed up till likie 3:30, and then we were all wide awake at 5!  Crazy I know.  But I guess we were just excited about the wedding. All morning we kept saying, oh we have hours! no need to rush! Then all of a sudden it was 2 and pictures were at 4, and it was like a mad house!  Then the drama started.  One of the groomsmen got mad and left the wedding, which makes me lose all respect for him. How rude is that, its one of your buddies weddings and you can't keep your craziness down to a minimum for a few hours. Fucking stupid.  Then one of the bridesmaids was going to leave to go home to the groomsmen, EVEN more lame.  She ended up staying for the ceremony, but left right after, which was even more rude I think. She stayed to save face, but once the coast was clear she left.  More or less you can tell that I was highly irritated.  Meghan is one of my best friends so I was determined to make sure her wedding was a great time, so we stayed and drank and danced the night away. 

About 10:45 we decided it was time for us to head home, so we wished them the greatest and left the ranch. 
SOMEHOW I convinced my mom to go to the gutter with me and vanessa ( granted she was our DD hahaha)  But we went and it was one of those nights when the bar is filled with people you know, and it was great. Jerrod, Andy, Brandon and Zach were there, I guess the bachelor party was lame, and then Trevor, Lex, Zach, and many more were there as well.  So me and mom danced and hung out, then Jerrod wanted me to go home with him, so mom went home, and we stayed and partied it up. We left around 2 and headed back to Zach's house and stayed up for a few hours talking and shooting the shit.  Then after laying in bed talking for what seemed like forever, we saw headlights, so jerrod got dressed and went to investigate.  a few hours later he came back, after going to the river, finding the bachelor party guys down there and watching them get in wrestling matches on the gravel, Hahah all those fuckers had knots on the head and blood on their shirts.  Jerrod being the nice guy gave Levi a ride up to the Hwy after Jimmy and him got in a fight, because both are smartasses. Haha. 
But all in all, this weekend was grand, a nice way to preclude to my week of studying. UGH!
I'll be back once I find out on thursday if I pass my test. :)  WooHOoooo


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  1. hahah the time it took you to write this blog you could have done everything on your to do list 5 times haha