Monday, May 24, 2010

Catch Up

Whew, can't believe its Monday already.  Seems like it was just Thursday, feels like the weekend went by too fast! Lots of friends and fun and lots of planting was to be had this past weekend.
On Thursday during the day, I went to GreenLeaf, ( a nursery) and had a list of things to get for the garden, and went in with the idea of getting only 26 veggies, and came out with 49!  But it wasnt a waste!  I got 8 Romas, 8 Ace toms, 1 Chococherry, 1 sungold, 1yellow pear tom, 8 anahiem, 8 jalapeno, 6 melons, 2 squashes, and 3 cucumbers! :)  So once Jerrod got home from work we spread lots of chicken shit and planted the veggies but held off on planting the seeds, since its not near warm enough and we dont want our pumpkins to rot. Once I get my memory card back from my mom, I will post pictures of the veggies and the flowers that we have planted around the property. Lots of changes have happened to 1966 fruitdale dr since we moved in 5 months ago.
On Fridaywe have a bunch of people over for a few cocktails, margaritas and gin and tonics. :)  Yummmm.. We had games being played and grown boys wrestling in the front yard, all in all it was a great time.  :)  When Saturday morning rolled around and I dragged my hungover self out of bed, the house looked like a drunken tornado ran rampant through my house! Lots of beer bottles and glasses were everywhere, found a piece of shirt and bottles in the yard, and lots of pictures on my camera that I didnt take. Hahah. :) But after the house was cleaned, and Jerrod decided to join the world, a few of his nephews came over, and we played with them for a few hours, well mainly he wrestled with them, and I colored on the white board with the boys. :)  I love the idea of having kids, and I know that in about a year or so my maternal clock will be ringing. I hope that we have a boy and a girl but have this feeling that we're going to get two hell raising boys instead. Haha.
By the time that the boys left, and it was just us left, it was almost 5 and we hadn't even left the house yet! So we ran to the grocery store, got some stuff for tacos and a few redbox movies, ''The Blind Side'', and ''The Lovely Bones''.  The blind side was AMAZING! Sandra deserves some awards if she didnt get any. :)  The lovely bones was different, it was one of those movies that you can't turn off, because you HAVE to know what happens to the bad guy!

Sunday was a lazy day, hung around and made potstickers and stirfry with chicken kabobs for dinner, yum, finally got to use my wok, but it needs to be seasoned, and my potstickers kept sticking and never crisped up. DAMN. But they still tasted good even though they looked funny. :)

Well, I think I'm caught up, more to come. :)

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  1. I love reading your blog! Please post more regularly. :-)