Monday, May 10, 2010

Day one of the diet modification

So we started our diet this week. Whew.
Had a mental break last week about my self image, and I couldnt of asked for a better support from Jerrod. 
He held me while I cried and reassured me how beautiful I am to him, and agreed to do this with me.

So we have started out this week, and know thats its going to be hard cutting out all the delicious things that we love to eat, but once our garden starts producing produce it will make this alot easier.  We have our weight goals for the wedding that is in 13 months, and we will get there eventually. 
I think I am going to get a membership at the Y once Dillon is home, because I know he wants to join somewhere, and since he is already in the workout/exercise mode, I know it will be  helpful having him to push me to work out.  I only have half of what i need to succeed.  I have great willpower when it comes to food, I could starve myself to death, but getting me to exercise is the hard part. But if I have him wanting to go, and pushing me to get out there and do something I think I can do this. 

I dont want to be a size 2, or even a size 8, and I dont care how many pounds I lose persay, but i want to feel better about myself, and feel pretty again.  I want to be confident when I put on my wedding dress knowing that I am healthy.  I also want to lose some weight to help my blood pressure, someday hopfully being able to ween myself off it.  I want to be healthy and the size that makes me feel good long after the wedding.

I know that babies is in my future and I want to be fit and healthy before I get pregnant and gain baby weight on top of what I already have.

I want to be happy and healthy, and my diet isnt crazy, its just modified :)

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