Friday, May 28, 2010

Sadly the honey we harvested was at the TOTAL wrong time of the year, right after winter or in the spring is the absolute wost time to try to get honey, because bees spend all spring and summer filling the hive with honey so that during the winter when there isnt anything to eat, they can survive on the honey. So Fall is the time to get it. I guess better luck next time.

Had a great day yesterday, cleaned house, went on a bike ride, and got to hang out with Ashley and Sarah, which was nice, haven't seen either of those girls in a while. :) Got to catch up and hang out for a few hours. We were going to go for a walk, but it started raining and none of us felt like walking in a down pour.

So this weekend started out with nothing planned, and then it seems like in 30 sec all of a sudden its booked full!  Tomorrow Jerrod is going clamming for a few hours in the morning, and then we are going to a get together at Andys house. Then we are waking up around 330 on Sunday and going to Diamond Lake to go fishing. :) I am excited, hopefully Monday can be a day of rest and relaxation and planting some bulbs and seeds. I have like 30 more gladiolas to plant and some sunflowers. :)

I think this weekend I want to go get my manual camera and dust it off and start using it again, i always loved my camera, and I love the feel of the film when you put it in the camera.  I also love the idea of not being able to see the pictures till you develop the film, its a suprise every time to shoot it. :)

Welp, thats all for now, perhaps more to come later.

PS. just one and a half weeks of school LEFT!!!!!

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