Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was going to go switch the laundry and went to walk down the stairs out the back of our house, ( they are wooden and its pouring rain) ( and I was in flip flops) AND I definatly just ate crap so hard!
This doesnt look like much, but its swelling and its tender to the touch. :( Hurts so bad.
Just thought I would share
PS. We are going to go get some wild honey tonight and i will post with pictures tomorrow. :) SO excited for some wild honey comb, I love to chew it because then the wax is almost like gum. :) If you never have tried it, you are seriously missing out, go down to your local farmers market or the like and get some. :) :) :) YUM

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  1. This honey you're trying to push on everyone doesn't sound very appealing with a picture of your nappy foot staring me in the face!! Haha.. Just kidding, of course! ;-)