Sunday, December 19, 2010


One word that can alter someones life so greatly.

It makes it hard to sleep. Eat.  Even breathe sometimes. 

Tonight I fall into all of the above categories.

I am stressing over getting all my bridesmaids into their dresses in time to order.  Making sure they all have enough money to get them. 
I'm stressing over everyday life.  Little things, like the house being a mess, money, work, laundry.  Things that arent worth stressing over, I am.
I am stressing over my stress level.  When I stress, my blood pressure sky rockets, and I know its hard on my body, and I have a dr. appt on Tuesday and I know they are going to check my blood pressure and tell me its too high, and ask me why and why i'm not on my meds anymore.  Because I am 22 and shouldnt have to be on blood pressure meds.  Come on what 22 year old is?  Its ridiculous. 

Stress is robbing sleep from me.

I need sleep.

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  1. You'll be OK!! :-) Come over sometime and vent to me over some coffee... :-) We still need to get together and make a delish' cream cheese frosting for my red velvet cupcakes! They're a Christmas dessert, you know! The clock is ticking!!!