Tuesday, December 14, 2010


That's all I can say. 
I was ready for the work week, and Monday made it even better.  Jerrod stayed home, so we slept in till 9!!! The first time in months.  It was amazing, I felt great, and I love leisurely getting up instead of getting up at 5ish.  It was a nice start to the week.  So we relaxed, cleaned the kitchen, well I did.  Jerrod wasn't feeling too hot.  Not sure what he did, but his back is all kinds of messed up. 
Seems like his rhomboids and this erector spinae are out of whack.  I iced and worked it a little but it was still bound up, but luckily this morning it was relaxed and participating in everyday movements. 

I wish my camera wasn't dead right now, because I would love to show what my Christmas lights look like right now. They are fancy!  Jerrod got the kind that have the 16 different functions, so they change patterns, and flash and fade and what not.  Pretty exciting.  I've never had the fancy lights before, usually we just have the plain multi color ones.  I'm not going to lie, these lights are pretty nice, they are so flashy and bright.  We have it set where the red, blue and green all light up and fade at different times. So mesmerizing.

So yesterday we hung around the house, and watched the whole season of Axe Men on History Channel.  Not my most favorite show, but Jerrod sure does love it.  Part of me wonders if logging was a better business and more reliable, if he would rather do that.  He loves cutting trees and using his chainsaw.  Being in the woods is his most favorite place other then fishing in the water.  I think he was definitely born in the wrong time period.  He should have been born in the 40's where men were manly and took to the woods to make money for the family.  He would rather us grow our food and for us to hunt for our meat then go to the store and buy it any day.  We eat wild game more often then we eat store bought meat.  He wears suspenders and rigging pants on a daily basis.  It might be his rugged charm that I like the most. 

Anyways.  We were debating about dinner and what to have the rest of the week. Sometimes I feel that I am always the one deciding whats for dinner.  I have no problem making dinner most of the time, but I like some input.  So we decided on halibut burgers.  Its possibly the best way I've ever had halibut.  We took the halibut and put it in the food processor and added some seasonings, and then made them into patties and covered them in Italian bread crumbs.  we cooked them in a bit of oil just to make them crunchy but not totally fried.  Those served with some herb and butter rice, broccoli and homemade tarter sauce.  AMAZING.  They are sooo delicious, I would imagine people spending 20+ bucks for a dinner like that.    I vote everyone try this.  One of the greatest things about having fish for dinner is that Jerrod usually cooks it.  He is much better at cooking fish, mainly because I usually let him, and often over cook fish.  So when he cooks fish he usually does the whole meal. Which means I get to relax.  Except last night I made rice krispy treats for him.  Can you say messy?  I had to slather butter all over my hands just so I could press the treats down into the pan!  But smear a little peanut butter over them and it was a perfect end to a great day. 

It was soooo windy last night.  I woke up at about 230 because I could hear some kind of commotion going on outside, and i looked out the window and it was like the trees were made of taffy, just whipping around from side to side. 

Well today is uneventful.  I have to go pay rent in CJ, and finish up a packet out there, and sit at the shop for a few, then head home. 

Time to catch up on my reading.

xoxo f&a

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