Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whew this weekend was intense.

Lately we have been laying low, and we dont do alot on the weekends, which I love since we get to spend time together and work on us, which is better then the alternative, which is getting drunk, and then fighting. UGH.  

So we were planning on being kinda low this weekend, and then Thursday happened.  We were out in CJ  and on our way home we got a text from Donnie ( who is a friend of Jerrods) and he was down at the bar in Selma, so we stopped in and weren't planning on staying, but we had a few beers and played some pool, Jerrod drank more then me, so I drove us home.  Friday wasnt going to be much, we both had work, and he said some of the guys he worked with sold some wood so they could have a christmas party. Ok I'll explain this part, the county doesnt allow spouses and families to attend the christmas or holiday parties that they have for the employees, and alot of the guys think its stupid, so two of the guys sold a few cords of wood on their own time, so they could get some people down to Abbys for some pizza and beer.  So since they did all this on their own, Jerrod felt that he should go on down to the deli and hang out.  So we went down there thinking that it was going to be kinda lame, but it wasnt.  I met some of the wives, who are amazing. :)  But one thing led to another and they all got babysitters and we were headed to the Cedarwood! While we were there we saw a bunch of people with christmas sweaters on, and somehow we ended up with one for Jerrod and one for me!  Mine came from a girl we knew and she gave it to me, but Jerrod got his from someone he didnt know and was forced to give his phone number so the guy could get it backfrom him, not only did he get a sweater from the bar, he BORROWED IT! hahahahaahah. We had a blast, stayed till about 2 and then drug ourselves home. 

Lets just say that Saturday morning I felt like crap.  AND we were supposed to take engagement pictures at 2!  Thankfully it rain so we didnt have to make ourselves up and go to Jacksonville.  So we slept and lounged around all day untill about 4 then we got ourselves put back together and headed out to CJ for a ugly christmas sweater party.  Lots of drinks later and lots of vehicles in the mud, it was suddenly 3 am and it was time to head home. 

So this morning we were feeling pretty crappy but we still put our christmas lights up and we finished the tree and then spent the rest of the day lounging around. 

Whew, am I beat!  Definatly we're going to be taking it slow for the next few weeks.  We sure as hell can't do it like we used to! 

Well have a great night!  We're off to get cleaned up and head to bed.

xoxo f&a

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